Certification Structure 2019-1

Advanced Unmanned Safety Certification: Level 1

Advanced Safety Cert

Evaluates 8 major themes derived from lessons-learned in traditional aviation and requirements for Remote Pilots.



1. UAS Applications: 3 Major User Sectors of Unmanned Aircraft, Phases of UAS Flight, UAS Business Use Cases

2. UAS and The Elements: In Depth Analysis of the Unmanned Environment: Weather, Crew, Aircraft, Planning, etc.

3. Remote Pilot Professionalism: Detailed Analysis of the Professional Remote Pilot and Skills, Attitudes, and Knowledge Necessary for long term employment for complex operations

4. UAS Rules and Regulations: Part 107, Section 333, Waivers/Authorizations/Exemptions

5. Airspace Operations: Complex Operations and Complex Airspace

6. Human Factors and UAS: Detailed analysis of automation, human machine interaction, automation dependency, human errors, and process loops

7. Crew Resource Management: Analysis of complex crews and communications necessary to unmanned operations

8. Aeronautical Decision Making: In depth analysis of the human role in monitoring and decision making for UAS

The curriculum program to deliver knowledge required for industry certification consists of 8 online modules, which cover the preceding key themes in sequence in order to build the learners competency in the field of UAS aviation Safety and signifies an individual that can legally fly unmanned aircraft for hire and holds Unmanned Safety Institute's Advanced Safety Certification for complex operations.