Certification Structure 2019-1

Advanced Unmanned Safety Certification: Level 2

Advanced L2

Evaluates 4 major themes derived from lessons-learned in traditional aviation and requirements for Remote Pilots.



1. Safety Policy: 4 Pillars of SMS, Steps for implementing a working SMS, UAS Focused Safety Policy

2. Safety Risk Management: Risk levels and categories, Resource Requirements for Safety Risk Management, Identify/Assess/Analyze/Control

3. Safety Assurance: Monitoring Safety Feedback, Data Collection, Actionable Data, Continuous Improvement, Remote Pilot's Role

4. Safety Promotion: Safety Culture, Promoting Safety Within UAS Organizations, Safety Communications, Training and Education

The curriculum program to deliver knowledge required for industry certification consists of 4 online modules, which cover the preceding key themes in sequence in order to build the learners competency in the field of UAS aviation Safety and signifies an individual that can legally fly unmanned aircraft for hire and holds Unmanned Safety Institute's Advanced Safety Certification for complex operations.