USI offers qualified partners the opportunity to become a USI Partner Academy™ and offer professional flight instruction programs at your own location.


A USI Partner Academy™ is equipped with all the necessary core safety procedures, standards, curriculum, and equipment to ensure a successful program. As a USI Partner Academy™, you can expect to be certified and credentialed by USI’s safety training experts and leverage our aeronautical knowledge resources to meet the needs of your training organization.

Flight training requires standards, curriculum, and safety procedures to ensure a successful program. USI brings years of aviation to the unmanned world to educate and train the most professional operators. The Unmanned Safety Institute has created the USI Operator Academy™ for qualified partners that want to offer UAS training but do not have the resources to begin a program. As the industry leader in UAS safety, USI will provide the core safety and aeronautical knowledge resources, and the USI Operator Academy provides all flight instruction.