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Civil Air Patrol

Special Programs and Pricing for CAP Cadets

Education and skill set development programs for CAP Cadets to advance through Unmanned Safety Institute safety based certificationsSuccessful certification completion enables participation in USI's Unmanned Connect® employment/apprenticeship/internship pathway program and/or advanced standing into USI's Collegiate and University partners.

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Learning Management System Based Coursework and Progression

A structured program for elite remote pilots. CREDLY Digital Badging.

Unmanned Aviation Systems (UAS), also referred to as drones, is the fastest growing segment of the aviation industry.  The FAA estimates a need for over 350,000 commercial drone operators by 2024.

“We also recognize USI’s proven abilities and resources to provide the education and training needed for aviation and UAS safety across our national footprint, and are proud to partner with them.”

Maj. Gen. Mark Smith
CAP’s national commander and CEO

As the industry continues to evolve, the need for aviation minded remote pilots is important to manage processes and procedures inherent of complex systems, automation management, and the national airspace.  USI's Safety Certification structure below is supporting the industry and it's workforce standardization through advanced education and training founded in traditional aviation safety.  This pathway leads to the workforce, technical colleges, or four year universities. 

Unmanned Safety Institute Stages 1 and 2

Part 107 is the beginning of the pathway, register below to receive complimentary enrollment into Part 107 test prep course as part of USI and CAP's COVID 19 virtual support.

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