USI, in partnership with PSI – the administrator of the UAG exam leading to the FAA Remote Pilot Certificate – is pleased to offer our valued customers a special incentive on your pathway to becoming a professional remote pilot. If you complete our course, we will pay for your UAG exam! Upon completion, not only will you have a valid FAA RPC, but you will also hold a valid USI certification!

new2USI’s FAA Part 107 Prep Course is a self-paced online course (24 hours) that sets a sturdy foundation of required aeronautical knowledge for remote pilots operating UAS weighing up to 55lbs MGTOW.

The curriculum meets and exceeds all aeronautical knowledge factors outlined by the FAA for the Unmanned Aircraft General (UAG) examination to those who intend to obtain a Remote Pilot Certificate (RPC) and includes advanced safety concepts and practices to develop responsible, safety-certified remote pilots.

Students who successfully complete the course are eligible for special insurance discounts through the Unmanned Safety Institute, and are well prepared to pass the UAG exam and earn their FAA RPC.

Successful candidates of this course earn a USI Certificate of Training valid for 24 months. This course is FAA WINGS-accepted.




Key Highlights:

  • Learn Fundamental Safety Practices and Earn Your Remote Pilot Certificate.
  • Understand the Federal Aviation Regulations for UAS operations.
  • Learn how to Identify and Prevent Hazards Associated with UAS operations.
  • Learn Human Factors and Aeronautical Decision Making Best Practices.
  • Understand Maintenance Requirements & the Importance of Pre-Flight Inspections