USI’s Part 107 Practice Exam contains a question bank of over 200 questions randomized and delivered in the same format as the FAA Unmanned Aircraft General (UAG) exam that you will take for your Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate. Our exam covers key topic areas including:

1) Remote Pilot Privileges & Limits

2) Federal Aviation Regulations

3) Airspace Classification & Operating Requirements

4) Effects of Weather on Small UAS Performance

5) Official Sources of Weather

6) Small UAS Loading

7) Emergency Procedures

8) Crew Resource Management

9) Radio Communication Procedures

10) Determining Small UAS Performance

11) Physiological Effects of Drugs & Alcohol

12) Aeronautical Decisionmaking

13) Airport Operations

Key Highlights:

  • Take our practice test for the FAA’s Part 107 Unmanned Aircraft General (UAG) Exam!
  • Questions are always randomized from a bank of over 200 questions.
  • Our practice exam addresses ALL knowledge areas required for the FAA UAG Exam.
  • Purchase this exam and increase your chances of passing the test!

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