Unmanned Safety Institute Appoints Michael Wilson, Aviation Executive, as Director of Operations


The Unmanned Safety Institute (USI) officially announced today that it has appointed Michael Wilson to serve as Director of Operations overseeing the company’s global operations. Wilson previously served as a Master Instructor at USI delivering education and training programs to enterprise clients and academia partners throughout the United States.


“USI is honored to have an aviation veteran and experienced senior executive like Mike join our team,” said USI President Aaron Greenwald.  “Mike brings with him nearly 40 years of commercial and defense industry experience, first as a United States Naval Aviator and more recently as the Strategic Business Operations Manager for Columbia Helicopters, servicing both commercial and defense clients around the world.  With Mike leading our global operations, USI is poised for exponential growth as we continue to deliver superior service to our clients and partners worldwide,” remarked Greenwald.


“I am proud to be joining such a highly respected team of flight safety professionals at USI,” said Wilson.  “I have been involved in commercial and military aviation management and operations for over 30 years and firmly believe that USI’s approach to flight safety by far exceeds all near-peer competitors.  The explosive growth of unmanned systems presents both an amazing opportunity for entrepreneurs and businesses but also a serious challenge to the safety and security of the public, and in that regard USI will continue to deliver its world-class flight safety products and services to the broader industry,” he continued. “There have been many major advances in aviation throughout history- 400 B.C. Chinese Kite religious ceremonies; 1480’s Leonardo de Vinci’s illustrations and study of flight; 1783 Montgolfier first hot air balloon; 1891 Lilienthal gliders & Langley aerodrome; 1903 Wright brothers first heavier-than-air flight; 1961 first human pilots space flight and 1969 first man on the moon.  The UAS industry is the ‘next evolution & revolution’ in flight and I am thrilled and honored to be joining a the world-leading provider of UAS flight safety solutions that is positioned to help this industry reach its full potential” remarked Wilson.


Michael Wilson is a Career Naval Officer, Navy Pilot and Commercial fixed wing/rotary wing aviator with 35 years aviation experience, over 15,000 missions and 6,000 accident free flight hours.  He is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy with a BS in Economics and Naval War College with a MA in National Security, Strategic Studies & Public Policy.  He completed the Naval Safety Center Aviation Safety Officer & Risk Management Program and Commanding Officer’s Aviation Safety and Safety Management System Program.


Michael Wilson’s military aviation career positions and designations include: Squadron Executive Officer, Squadron Maintenance Officer, Squadron Operations Officer, Squadron Safety Officer, Squadron Quality Assurance Officer, Master Training Specialist, Command Pilot, Maintenance Test Pilot, Ground Instructor, Flight Instructor, Simulator Instructor, Check Airman, Instrument Check Airman, and Night Vision Goggle Instructor & Check Airman.


Michael Wilson’s commercial aviation career positions and designations include: Company Executive Vice President, Part 135 Director of Operations, Executive Director of Global Operations, Part 135 Director of Safety, Part 135 Director of Training, Director Strategic Business Operations, Part 135 Flight Operations Manager, Command Pilot, Maintenance Test Pilot, Ground Instructor, Flight Instructor, Simulator Instructor, Check Airman, Instrument Check Airman, TSA Twelve Point Five Standard Security Program Instructor.


Michael can be contacted at Mike.Wilson@UnmannedSafetyInstitute.org.


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